• Grout Recoloring

  • Restore or Change Grout Color & Sealing

    While ceramic tile is durable and non-porous, the grout on the other hand is very porous and will readily absorb dirt and spills. Without protection the grout can absorb dirt and grime and will leave the grout color looking uneven and dirty.

    Benefits of Grout Recoloring:

    • Uniform Grout Color
    • Stain Proofed Grout
    • Dirt & Spills Easily Wipe Off
    • Change Grout to Any Color
    • Match Any Decor
    • 10-15 Year Durability

    Grout Sealing & Stain Proofing

    Lone Star Tile and Grout uses a state of the art grout sealing process that completely restores ugly, soiled, stained, and unsanitary grouted flooring to a brand new look. The color sealing locks in grout color and seals out dirt and stains. Using a computerized color matching process, grouted flooring can be restored to the same color as its original condition or completely changed to the color choice of the customer.

    No More Dirty Grout Woes

    The grout stain seal has been engineered to penetrate and bond exclusively with existing grouted flooring to produce a long term and permanent solution to tile replacement and or re-grouting. The process completely stain proofs grout. The stain seal is a modified, water based acrylic formulation that requires no over night drying thereby allowing for almost immediate access following completion of the grout cleaning and grout restoration process.

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