• Bathroom Remodeling and Shower Regrouting

  • Bathroom Remodeling Doesn’t Have To Costs Thousands!

    San Antonio bathroom remodeling by Lone Star Tile and Grout brings your tub and shower back to life! Our service is fast and affordable! Remodeling a bathroom often gets expensive quickly when considering removing tile and grout and replacing tubs and sinks. Besides being costly, remodeling a bathroom can be really inconvenient…afterall, the bathroom is a pretty important room of the house and to have it out of service can be a reall headache. Not only can we save you money but most of our bathroom renovation projects are completed in the same day and ready for use the next day.

    Rather than demolishing your existing bathroom, consider renovating it. At Lone Star, we’re experts at making an old worn out bathroom look new again. Years of built up soap scum and mildew can be removed and tile and grout surfaces are restored back to a new condition without having to replace them. In many cases, we use a specialized grout color sealing process that restores grout to a uniform appearance and stain proofs the grout once and for all!

    Shower Tile Cleaning

    Lone Star Tile and Grout Cleaning, LLC specialized in all aspects of tile and grout cleaning and this includes cleaning shower tile and grout! Grout joints will typically begin to deteriorate and discolor in the tub or shower area over a period of time while your tiles themselves never lose their original beauty and shine and will clean up very well.

    Shower Tile Regrouting

    The grout on the other hand sometimes will not clean up and has to be cut out and replaced to give the customer that “new” look at a fraction of the cost of a remodel! We always try to clean the grout lines first before we recommend grout replacement.

    Replacing That Mildewed Shower Caulking

    Bathtup caulking is one of the many services we offer. We will remove and replace old caulk or just add new caulk where needed in showers, tubs, around sinks or along baseboards and more. New caulking around the tub and or shower edges provides that clean look you have been trying to achieve. Our environmentally friendly products are designed to specifically for wet areas and provide a superior seal and appearance.

    Call Lonestar Tile & Grout Cleaning, LLC today and get that new bathroom look at a fraction of the cost of a full scale bathroom remodel. 210.637.5050