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    Using natural stone in your home will bring added value and is a significant investment. Proper protection and maintenance and stone care will help ensure that it looks as beautiful as it did the day it was installed. We educate all of our clients with detailed instructions on proper care and samples of the proper cleaning products to use once a project is completed. When we complete a job, the stone not only reflects on your image; it reflects our standards and work ethic.

    We Work On All Types Of Natural Stone

    • Marble
    • Travertine
    • Limestone
    • Granite
    • Slate
    • Sandstone
    • Terra Cotta
    • Terrazzo

    Stone Care Services in San Antonio

    Stone Grinding

    To remove deep scratches and remove lippage (uneven tile edges). This is completed by a weighted floor machine with diamond abrasive metal pads and water that creates no dust. Your natural stone is restored to it’s original finish after the grinding process.

    Stone Honing

    When your stone is scratched or lightly damage from the wear of every day foot traffic, honing the surface will bring it back to a beautiful even appearance. This completed by a weighted floor machine with diamond abrasive pads, powders, and water that creates no dust. Often time, common household chemicals like acidic juices or even hair spray can etch the surface of stone….leaving a dull mark. Honing removes all the blemishes.

    Marble Polishing

    To give marble or stone the sheen you want, enhance the veining in marble and to protect the marble or stone from everyday traffic and spills. Polishing stone is done by abrading the stone surface with finer and finer media until a high shine is acheived.

    Marble Cleaning

    To remove dirt, stains, and bacteria and to remove waxes and polymers that have become embedded, we use our truck mounted system with chemical pre-sprays. A truck mounted system provides the most thorough stone cleaning possible with the risk of damaging your stone. Not only is the stone surface cleaned but you end up with clean grout too.

    Stone Sealing

    To protect and preserve natural stone, we apply a high perfomance sealer designed to help prevent your stone from absorbing common household dirt and spills. Sealing natural stone reduces the maintenance required to keep your stone looking beautiful for years to come.

    Color Enhancing

    The use of penetrating enhancing impregnators (deepens colors in stones such as slate) formulated to enhance or enrich the color of your stone can bring out the rich color and character of your stone surfaces.


    Stripping natural stone remove coatings that block stone’s ability to breathe which causes spalling (when the stones crack, pop and shale). Some examples of common coatings are, crystallization, janitorial waxes, polyurethane, ect.

    We are one of the few area companies that specialize in the use of diamond powders in stone restoration. The use of diamonds in the grinding and honing phase of restoration will give you better clarity and more reflectivity after polishing. We also provide cleaning, sealing, crack/chip repair and stain removal for marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, and all other natural stone surfaces.

    Decorative Stone Finishes

    Not only do we offer a full range of cleaning, protection and restoration services, we are also able to produce any decorative finish desired by a client. For example, we can take a high polished finish and hone it or vice versa.

    Saltillo (Mexican Paver) Sealing, Staining and Finishing

    Saltillo, commonly called Mexican pavers, or clay pavers, are very popular in the Southwest. Today, many homeowners want to enhance the beauty of them by staining, coloring or “washing” them to match their decor. Additionally, sealing and finishing Saltillo tiles enhances their beauty and adds an important layer of protection from stains and other surface damages.

    Saltillo (Mexican Paver) Stripping and Restoration

    Saltillo can also be restored or refinished to look brand new. If your Saltillo is in disrepair, all surface finishes, waxes and dirt can be chemically stripped. This is commonly referred to as Saltillo tile refinishing. Once the original surface is restored, your Saltillo can be sealed using using any of a variety of staining and coloring options that are available.

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